Water Removal Broward

Whether you suspect a leak in your roof or are in the middle of a full-blown water emergency, All Florida Restoration is the solution to all your Broward water removal needs. Our experienced team is fully insured and licensed in the State of Florida, and can handle the full range of services need for water remediation in Broward County and the greater South Florida area. These include investigating and determining the source of the water, stopping the flow, removal of any remaining water, tailoring a drying process to your property’s individual needs, as well as a full range of repair, renovation and even remodeling services.

Water Damage, Remediation, Repairs and Renovations

When you first discover a leak or other water problem in your home, acting fast is essential. The dedicated specialists at all Florida Restoration will respond quickly, dispatching skilled technicians to not only stop the flow, but also find its source. Our team is also experienced in water removal, and in high-tech, professional techniques to dry wet areas so no more damage occurs. And we also employ a full range of contractors who specialize in repairing, renovating and even remodeling your space, room or even your entire home.

24/7 Emergency Service

Of course, if you’re in the middle of a water emergency, you need help – now! And since All Florida Restoration’s emergency service is available all day, every day – including holidays, nights and weekend – you won’t have to. So you can stop the problem and get on with your life fast.
For emergency help or to schedule an appointment, contact All Florida Restoration today at 888-976-4251.

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