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When your home or business suffers water damage and you need water remediation in Pompano Beach call the experts with over 30 years of experience at All Florida Restoration. We are not a carpet cleaning company who also vacuums up water. We are an established, licensed contractor who takes a professional approach to water remediation with an eye towards minimizing the need for renovation or repair and the inconvenience experienced by the property owner. Our objective is to get there quick, evacuate the water efficiently and then start a comprehensive drying out system. We want you back in your space as quickly as possible.

All Florida Restoration is available to respond to emergency water remediation calls 24/7 and we can have a team on its way to your location within an hour of receiving your call. The sooner the cleanup starts the faster the space will dry out minimizing the risk of water damage and the growth and spread of mold. Don't wait; call us at 561-613-1237 when you first discover the damage.

Water Damage Renovation and Repair Services Available to Pompano Beach Property Owners

One might think that water damage in Florida would principally come from hurricanes and tropical storms but fortunately that's just not true. Water damage in Pompano Beach homes and businesses is mostly caused by the same sources that flood properties across the country. Washing machine hoses, failed water heaters, overloaded air conditioners and burst pipes are just a few of the culprits responsible for flooding. And if this event occurs while the residents are gone for the day, they will go unchecked and can cause serious damage.

When areas are lightly damaged and can be completely dried out they can be brought back to original condition through painting and cleaning. But if the water has buckled flooring, reached the subflooring, drenched wallboard, caused the ceiling to sag or collapse or has caused mold to grow then it's time for complete removal and replacement.

Many of our customers have decided not to return the space to its original condition but rather remodel and bring a new look to the property. Given that the insurance company is picking up at least part of the cost for repair there really won't be a less expensive time to remodel the space. We're happy to assist with ideas and design and our competitive quote will keep your insurance company happy.

All Florida Restoration is ready to respond to you immediate problem and renovate or repair water damage done.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Call us at 888-976-4251 now!

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