Water Remediation Boca Raton Florida

If you are a home or commercial property owner in need of water remediation in Boca Raton, FL you can't waste even a minute in calling a professional water damage repair service. Every minute that water is allowed to stand in a property increases the likelihood of un-repairable water damage that will require remodeling to correct. Another major concern given Boca Raton's hot and humid climate is the formation and spreading of mold, which can pose a serious health problem.

Your best option is to call the Boca Raton water remediation experts at All Florida Restoration for an immediate response to your property. Our 24/7 dispatch can have a fully licensed and trained team rolling to your location within an hour if not minutes to assess the damage and begin the most appropriate method of evacuating the water.

One the water is removed we start the drying out process which is designed to salvage floor coverings, flooring and walls. We don't subscribe to the practice of placing fans and then returning after a set number of days like most of the competition does. We make certain the drying out process takes as long, or as short a period as is required for the property to be truly dry. We monitor the process testing for crucial factors like relative humidity and moisture content to make sure the drying process is safe and complete.

Repairing Water Damage in Boca Raton

If your property does suffer water damage that requires repair, All Florida's remodeling division is ready to help. In many cases a simple restoration like painting, cleaning or staining surfaces can bring your space back to its original condition. Serious water damage can require the replacement of walls, flooring or other spaces and All Florida Restoration has the equipment and talent to accomplish the task.

In fact you may want to take advantage of the insurance claim to take the space to the next level with a remodel that gives you a whole new look. We can help you with ideas, material choices and of course installation. Sometimes you really can make lemonade when life hands you a lemon.

All Florida Restoration has over 30 years' experience in the construction industry in Boca Raton and across all of Broward County. When you need fast, reliable and professional water remediation don't hesitate to puck up the phone and give us a call!

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