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Water Damage Sunrise,FloridaIf you have a house, condo or business that has experienced water damage in Sunrise, Florida call All Florida Restoration and Remodeling at 888-976-4251 now. We are insurance restoration specialists specializing in 24/7 emergency water removal and property repair.

Call us now. The longer water is allowed to sit, the more opportunity for it to do serious damage to your property. Call now and we will have trained water removal technicians rolling to your location in a matter of minutes.

Water Damage – A Serious Threat for Sunrise and Other Floridians

One of the reasons we live in Florida is the fantastic winter climate but when spring turns to summer and the heat and humidity soar our environment becomes the perfect breeding ground for mold. In colder climates the urgency to clean up and remove water from a flood or spill is driven by convenience. Here it is a matter of preventing or removing an organism that can cause serious health problems and greatly reduce the value of the property.
We understand the need for speed. Once we receive your call we will have a crew immediately dispatched. The actual water removal can be accomplished relatively quickly but it is our state-of-the-art drying system and moisture monitoring that dries out your property and minimizes the damage done both by water and mold.

Unlike some competitors, we don't just set up a few fans and then come back in five days and declare the space dry. We use targeted ventilation and dehumidification that is designed to reach into all the nooks and crannies that and dry them out. We return frequently to monitor relative humidity and other data to ensure that the space is truly dry before we stop the drying process.
With All Florida Restoration and Remodeling you get professional insurance restoration services that you can count on.

Repair and Remodeling Specialists

For over 30 years All Florida Restoration and Remodeling has been providing timely, efficient and affordable repairs and restoration services to homes and businesses all across southern Florida. We have an excellent reputation for the quality of our work and our superior customer service.

Let us handle any repairs that are required as a result of the flooding or, if you like, let us help design a remodel plan that will turn your space into something new and exciting. Right now however, your first priority is to call us at 888-976-4251 and let us start the water removal and remediation process.

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