Water Damage Pompano Beach

If there’s a leak or other water issue in your home, don’t panic – call All Florida Restoration Pros for fast, professional repair of water damage in Pompano Beach and throughout Broward County.  You can trust that our fully insured and state-licensed contractors will get to the root of the problem and stop it fast.  Plus, our step-by-step process for water remediation in Pompano Beach also includes removing the water, a special drying process to stop the damage from continuing, and finally, complete restoration and repair of any damage. Our talented contractors and designers can even remodel the problem area, a room or your whole house!

Water Damage Remediation, Repairs and Renovations

Even a little water can cause major damage to your home – you can’t always see it seeping into your rugs, your floors and your walls. All Florida Restoration Pros makes discovering where the water is coming from and making sure it stops our very first priority. Next, we remove any water that is there and professionally dry all of the affected areas. Once the danger of further damage has been eliminated, we offer a wide range of contracting services to repair, restore, renovate or remodel your property.

24/7 Emergency Service

At All Florida Restoration Pros, we know that every hour you wait to stop a leak and remove existing water from your home could mean more – and more extensive – water damage to your home. So we offer 24 hour a day, 7 day a week emergency service to make sure you can have a skilled team there quickly. There’s no need to wait. If you see water in your home where it shouldn’t be, pick up the phone and contact All Florida Restoration Pros now at 888-976-4251.

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