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Water Damage Parkland FL If you have water damage in Parkland, FL and you need water removal right now, call the Parkland water removal experts at All Florida Restoration Pros. A quick call to 954-347-8647 can have a team of water removal and mitigation technicians on their way to your commercial or residential property within minutes. We are your 24/7 solution to your flooding/leaking problem.
Thanks to Florida's hot and humid climate, water removal takes on a greater sense of urgency than in colder/drier areas of the country. Water that finds its way into wallboard or under tiles or hardwood flooring can quickly lead to rot and the formation of unhealthy mold. Getting the water removed and completely drying out the affected area quickly minimizes the need for repair or remodeling. And that's why we operate 24 hours per day seven days per week.

We Are Water Removal and Remediation Specialists

Many "water removal" contractors are actually carpet cleaning companies who use the same equipment that they clean carpets with to do the extraction, drop some fans around the area, leave and return in 72 hours to pick up their fans. That process leaves much to be desired and in the worst case scenario can lead to expensive repairs when a few months later tiles start popping up because the flooring is rotted or mold starts to appear along footboards where the area was not dried completely.

Water removal technology has come a long way in the past five years. It's not enough to vacuum up the visible water and turning on a half dozen floor fans. Once we remove the water we map out the best way to achieve an active ventilation of the space to speed up drying. Once we have the ventilation system in place we will return periodically to monitor the drying process paying attention to relative humidity and moisture content.
Our process is not over until your space is verifiably dry!

If You Need Repair…

If there was serious flooding or if the water was allowed to sit for a period of time there will most likely be some damage that can't be dried out. All Florida Restoration Pros has been making water damage repairs and remodeling for over 30 years and has earned an excellent reputation for our high standards of professionalism, dependability, reliability and attention to detail in customer service and quality workmanship.

If there is wallboard, flooring or ceilings that need to be replaced we are here to help you. We can return your space to its original condition or you can take advantage of the opportunity to take your space to the next level by doing a remodel to get an entirely new look. Either way you can trust us to do an outstanding job.
Give us a call now and we'll have licensed, trained technicians equipped with the latest equipment en route to your location in minutes. Call us today call to 954-347-8647.

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