Water Damage Coral Springs

Water Damage Coral SpringsIf you have a home or business that has suffered water damage in Coral Springs you need to take action now. Our hot, humid Florida climate is ideal for the growth of mold and the promotion of rot. Your property needs to get dry and it needs to get dry before serious damage is allowed to occur.

You need to call the Coral Springs water remediation, repair and remodeling specialists from All Florida Restoration and Remodeling at 888-976-4251.

24/7 Emergency Service

At All Florida we are ready to respond to your water damage day or night. Time is the enemy. The longer a leak goes unchecked or water is allowed to sit, the longer your home or business will take to dry out and the greater the chance that walls and floors will have to be replaced. Call us the moment you spot a leak or discover flooding and we will dispatch professional technicians immediately who can locate the source, remove standing water and begin the drying process.

Water remediation techniques have become increasingly sophisticated. The days of calling a carpet company to clean up water with a wet vac and drop a few fans around the room are over. Our drying system is designed to use ventilation and dehumidification to quickly dry out even the most difficult to reach spaces in a room. Our technicians monitor the process checking for relative humidity and moisture content to ensure the space is completely dry before turning off the drying system.

Your Coral Springs Source for Repairs and Remodeling

When a space has experienced serious water damage repairs will undoubtedly be required. At All Florida we are fully licensed and insured to do repairs to bring your home or business back to its original condition or help you redesign and remodel the space. The only silver lining in a serious water damage event is the opportunity to upgrade your home through remodeling.
All Florida is committed to fast, professional, courteous service. We have over 30 years' experience in the remodeling business in South Florida and have built a solid reputation among our clients. We want to add you to our client list and we hope you give us the opportunity to demonstrate what we can do by contact us now with your water damage emergency!

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