Water Damage Boyton Beach

If you have a leak or flooding emergency and you need a service company for water removal in Boyton Beach you need to call the 24/7 emergency water removal experts at All Florida Restoration Pros Group. Call us now at 888-976-4251 and we can dispatch a crew to your location within an hour or less.

In Florida you would expect the majority of water damage to be caused by hurricanes and tropical storms but the truth is non-weather related incidents like washer hoses bursting, hot water heaters failing and undetected leaks cause the majority of water damage in Boyton Beach homes and businesses. However, if you have water damage it's important that you deal with it immediately because our Florida climate will accelerate the growth of mold which can be harmful to health and cause a need for much more extensive repairs.

All Florida Restoration Pros – Response Removal and Repair

Water damage is really intrusive. Nobody likes walking on a squishy carpet. There is the fear that water will cause laminate flooring to become "unglued" and that wallboard will soak up the mess or that water will find its way into tough to reach spaces under kitchen cabinets and appliances. And it will.
That's why you need a specialist for water removal…not a rug cleaning company and their vacuum machine.

Yes the water needs to come up and vacuuming is the best way to do that but it does not mean your space is dry. Far from it. Our experienced, licensed technicians will set up an evaporation system that is designed to dry out even the most difficult areas to reach. Not only that but we will return and monitor the process to ensure that when we remove the evaporation system your home is absolutely dry.

After the initial water removal it's time to assess what to do next. With a little luck some paint or maybe some glue is all you'll need. If you have a major loss you may want to consider using the insurance money to remodel and All Florida Restoration Pros is the service you want to use.

South Florida's Remodeling Experts

For over 30 years All Florida Remodeling has been performing repair and remodeling services to all of South Florida. From simple touch up repairs to installing sleek new kitchens or even adding a new room All Florida Remodeling is your one stop contractor for all your needs.

Call us today Toll Free at 1-888-976-4251 to handle your water removal emergency and count on us to provide professional repairs later.

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