It gives me great pleasure to recommend All Florida Restoration Pros to you regarding any emergency, mold removal, damage repair, or remodeling and renovation job. Their work and professionalism is superb.

When my family and I arrived home on a Friday evening afterwork to find our kitchen and living room soaked with water, All Florida was at our home within the hour to begin the dry out process. Karl and Jordan attacked the problem with a great deal of energy. Step-by-step, they walked us through the process and kept in touch with us as the job was being completed. Within 72 hours, they were back at our home to remove the scrubbers and machines. My husband and I couldn’t of asked for a more professional and friendly team to complete this project.

Not only has All Florida Restoration Pros completed a dry out for us, they also remediated our house of a preexisting mold problem. All Florida Restoration Pros acted in a very professional and friendly way throughout the entire project. From start to finish, they were very accessible to answer any questions I may have had. Again, All Florida Restoration Pros went above and beyond and I cannot thank them enough.

I am beyond thankful that I was able to work with All Florida Restoration Pros during such a stressful time. They exhibited patience, understanding, expertise, and professionalism. It is refreshing to know that such an honest and reliable company still exists. All Florida kept us informed and delivered a final product that was beyond what we expected. Kudos to All Florida Restoration Pros.

I highly recommend All Florida Restoration Pros for any job, big or small.

Stephanie Angrisani

Thanks for the extremely competent service provided by Karl and Jordan - in fixing my house back up after flooding. They have been awesome - polite, timely, and really know what they are doing. I'd definitely recommend you all! - :) Deborah

Wow! Isn't it amazing the damage that can be done by water? I personally am amazed. When our washing machine flooded four rooms in our home last month, I had no idea of the consequences that lay ahead of us. When I finally did start to realize the damage and called my insurance company and then All Florida Restoration Pros, I was devastated to learn the extensive damage to our home. We have only been in this home for a year and a half. I have spent countless hours texturing, painting, and decorating our home. To learn that much of the baseboards had to come out and holes cut in the walls to dry them out well was very overwhelming. I am writing you to tell you how much I appreciated your company at this frustrating time. I have always appreciated sincere. prompt, friendly service, but in this case it was especially appreciated. The restoration company is the one who has to break the bad news to the homeowners of the extent of the damage. Each person that worked on the restoration project was very sensitive to my feelings of disappointment, shock, and being overwhelmed. They were professional, prompt, and very thoughtful and considerate when breaking bad news. I am very pleased with the restoration and how that project was carried out. I would highly recommend your company to other unfortunate homeowners that find themselves in a similar situation. So thanks to you and your crew for easing the pain! - Oakland Park

I am writing this letter to inform your company about the wonderful young men that you sent to my home to repair a water leak in the roof and walls. I am most satisfied with the work they did. Not only are they polite young men, but they performed in a most professional manner and the work they did was OUTSTANDING. I really feel that these three employees JD, Julio and Chris all deserve high commendations with a possible raise in their future. If I were the owner of a company and had such employees who perform in such a professional manner I would not hesitate to give them a bonus or a raise. If ever I am in need of repairs again I would not hesitate to call All Florida Restoration Pros as long as I can request Juilo, Chris, and JD. The work they perormed was outstanding and I cannot even see where the repair was made. I am sending you this letter in hopes you will place one copy in each of their personal files for future reference. Thank you again for sending me such excellent repairmen. Sincerely, - Judith L. B

I had never thought much about a house fire until it happened to me. It is an extremely difficult thing to go through, especially a week before Thanksgiving. Within 5 minutes of the fire department pulling away from our house other restoration companies were knocking on my door. This infuriated me. We had not even had time to process what had just happened to us. I was referred to All Florida and was quite pleased with the results. They came out immediately to assess the damage and begin the restoration of our home. The project manager held my hand and guided us through the entire process with the utmost professional and courteous attitude. He addressed every concern and question I had both promptly and thoroughly. He even helped me with the insurance company, taking a lot of stress away. Everyone I worked with at All Florida was extremely courteous and kind. My house is now cleaner and in better shape than before the fire. I would without hesitation recommend All Florida Restoration Pros for damage repair needs. - Pompano Beach

Two gentlemen from your company just left our home. I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with their work and professionalism. Our home looks brand-new! Both men worked diligently and went above and beyond ( moving furniture, cleaning the walkway, etc.). They even showed me where I may need some wood replaced. I have placed your company on my “Facebook Status” for today, touting their work and your company. Thank you and please let those gentlemen know how happy we are. The best to you and happy New Year - Lisa – Coral Ridge

I wanted to thank you for the way that the All Florida handled a small job for my mother. They were able to work around my elderly mothers needs in converting her bathtub to a special needs shower with handrails and a bench. She was able to stay at home and continue to use her bedroom during the renovation, which was a major concern for us. I appreciate your efforts in treating a very small job as though it were a big job. - Bob M.– West Palm Beach

Within one hour All Florida Restoration Pros crews started to arrive. They worked well into the evening removing water from the unit and setting up drying equipment. I highly recommend this company to anyone who might be in need of this type of service. - Nick L. – Coral Springs

Thank you again for coming to my rescue and restoring and improving my home after the “great flood”. Who would have thought that a small valve on that upstairs toilet could cause so much damage? The experience that you have, working with water damage especially added to my overall confidence. I appreciated your work ethic. - Jennifer G. – Boca Raton

WOW was I surprised at the professionalism that All Florida provided to my family. With them working so well DIRECTLY with the insurance company, it saved me at least 20 hours of my own time. All Florida allowed us to get through what would have been a very frustrating time, with smiles on our faces. - Emmons-Duke Family – North Lauderdale

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