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All Florida Restoration Pros is the go-to mold removal company for homes and commercial buildings in Davie, FL. Serving Davie and the rest of Broward County for nearly three decades, All Florida has earned the trust of the community and a reputation for exceptional customer service and competitive pricing.

A fully licensed and insured Florida general contractor, All Florida Restoration Pros is the first call you should make when you discover a mold colony in your home or business.

Mold is nasty business and can present health risks to anyone (family, employees, customers) that is exposed to it. Mold can cause a variety of health issues ranging from simple irritation to serious pulmonary conditions. Mold won't go away over time in fact it will only grow. You can't ignore mold and you need a company that is fully versed on identifying the source of the moisture that allows the growth, the extent of the mold colony and the safe removal of the mold. You need the proven pros at All Florida.

Davie's One Stop Professional Mold Removal, Repair and Renovation Company

Your home doesn't have to suffer from major water damage to develop mold; all that required is a source of moisture. Mold spores are just a fact of life in South Florida. They enter our homes through screened windows, on shoes, our clothes and our pets' paws. Air conditioning, frequent vacuuming and dusting are usually enough to prevent any of the spores from becoming a health risk mold colony…unless there is a source of water where they land.

Frequently that source of water will go unnoticed because the leak is so small (overflow of air conditioning condensation tray, leaky sink drain, leaky wall pipe, etc.) but it will be enough to give the spores what they need to form a colony.

At All Florida we specialize in restoring homes and properties who have suffered disasters such as fires and flooding and have the expertise to completely repair the damage to like new condition. That means we can quickly track down the leak causing your mold problem, remove or clean the affected area and repair or remodel the space.

We do it all!

If you have mold, or if you suspect you have mold, give us a call now and speak to our friendly customer representative.

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