Mold Removal Broward County

If you need emergency mold removal from your Broward county home or condo, call the 24/7 emergency number for the mold mitigation professionals at All Florida Remodeling and Restoration. In business for over 30 years, All Florida is the go-to source for emergency mold removal, mold damage repair, mold detection and removal and remodeling for Broward and all of Broward County.

And we can be at your place within an hour regardless of the time or day of the week. Call us at 888- 976-4251 now!

Go With the Pros Not the Part Timers

A quick search will reveal there is no shortage of carpet cleaning companies serving Broward FL who "also do" mold removal as a side business. There's more to mold mitigation than just vacuuming up the mold and setting down a few fans.

If you want:

  • Fast service. The pros at All Florida will be there within an hour
  • Professional mold removal and drying systems
  • Assurances that the space is completely dry. All Florida monitors for relative humidity and moisture content
  • Assurances that any mold that has formed is removed. Our technicians are experts in locating and removing mold
  • Professional repair to damaged walls, ceilings, flooring etc. All Florida has all the talent required to replace existing damaged areas or remodeling the space.
  • No hassle estimates. We have strong relationships with nearly every claims department of insurance companies authorized in Florida.

We specialize in Mold removal, disaster recovery, mold removal and remodeling and we have been at it for over three decades. We have an outstanding reputation for integrity, reliability and uncommon customer care.

All Florida Remodeling and Restoration is an Insurance Restoration specialist, qualified to handle a range of emergencies in and around Broward County. Our objective is to give our customers the highest level of service, while delivering an unsurpassed level of quality workmanship and do it all for fair, competitive price.

If you need emergency mold removal service call us right now. If you are past the removal phase and are now wondering how to get the mold damaged repaired, call us and speak to a friendly representative for a competitive quote.

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