Fort Lauderdale Water Removal Experts on 3 Causes of Water Damage

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b2ap3_thumbnail_water_damage_removal_weston.jpg   If you have ever come across water damage in your Fort Lauderdale area home or business your first reaction was most likely to ask, “How did this happen?“ The answers are sometimes obvious but other times hard to find. If you’re not sure how the water damage was caused here are three of the most likely culprits.


1.    Leaky Pipes


Leaks and are the principal sources of water damage in a bathrooms. Make sure all grout seals are in good condition and there is no obvious evidence of leaks. Seals in the base of toilets and in the tank are frequent leak culprits. Know where the cutoff is for the toilet, sink and tub.


2. Flat Roofs


Not surprisingly flat roofs, which are common in Florida, are harder to drain than slanted or pitched roofs. Flat roofs generally have a slight slant that allows water to flow out through drainage points. If the roof wasn’t originally pitched properly or the drainage points become clogged, water will collect on the roof and can seep into the home or building.


3. Clogged Gutters


Even if you do have a pitched roof, clogged gutters can provide a major problem. Properly designed and installed gutters direct rainwater away from your home or building so that it doesn’t over saturate the ground around the structure and cause a flood. If the gutter are broken, poorly designed or become clogged water can begin leaking and accumulate in the area around the home or building causing a flood.  


If the worse case scenario occurs and you suffer a major flooding or water damage, call All Florida's 24/7 emergency dispatch and we will have a licensed technician at your location in an hour or less.




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