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How to Prevent Mold in your Wellington Home

Mold is just a fact of life in Wellington and the rest of Florida. There are virtually thousands of mold species and microscopic mold spores are always in the air and often in the water. Mold spores need three things, heat, moisture and nutrients to create a mold colony. Florida offers all the heat and humidity needed and your Wellington home is chock full of nutrients.

Let's think about the environment inside your house and what you can do to make it inhospitable to mold growth.

Mold thrives when the temperature is between 770 and 860 and the relative humidity is above 60%. It eats just about anything including the fibrous material found in drywall, household glues, book bindings, leather, food stains, soap scum and food crumbs. You can't see mold spores but you can see mold colonies and they come in a variety of colors including black, white, green and red.

So now we know what mold likes. It would not be unusual to see an air conditioner set above 770 in a Wellington home during the summer particularly during the day when the home is likely unoccupied. If you can't control the heat, then try controlling the humidity and nutrients by:

  1. Keep ceiling fans running at all times to help ventilate the house and reduce humidity.
  2. Make sure air conditioning condensation trays are draining correctly and not spilling.
  3. Don't dry beach towels or other clothes indoors.
  4. Don't start a shower without turning on the exhaust fan first.
  5. Don't let even small water spills sit on the floor. Clean them up right away.
  6. Keep closet doors open to reduce heat and increase ventilation.
  7. Along with closets, under or behind furniture and behind curtains the temperature is usually higher. Check these areas for mold.
  8. Change the filter on your ventilation system at least quarterly and preferably monthly.
  9. Vacuum regularly.
  10. The shiny tiles in your bathroom are mold resistant but if soap scum is allowed to accumulate mold will close behind. Keep tiled surfaces and tubs cleaned, preferably once per week.
  11. If you have leaky plumbing like dripping faucets get them fixed.
  12. Don't let rain water pool alongside your foundation. The moisture will eventually seep into the concrete and then percolate up into the flooring.

Fighting mold can seem like a never ending battle but it is necessary to prevent the property damage and threat to your family's health that mold can cause. If you have a serious mold problem call us at All Florida Restoration your mold removal specialists.

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