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Mold Removal – DIY or Leave it to the Professionals

Mold removal in Wilton Manors homes and businesses can be tricky at times. When a homeowner or business owner first discovers they have a mold problem, and that's usually only after a moldy smell is detected or people come down with allergy problems or respiratory issues, there is no guarantee that the mold they see is all the mold that there is.

The most likely reason for mold to form indoors is a leak or spill that provides the moisture that mold requires. A leaky pipe inside a wall for example, may show up as mold along the baseboard. However, if you looked on the other side of the wall you may find a mold colony that runs from the baseboard all the way up to the point of the leak.

Pipes aren't the only source of moisture. Overflowing condensation trays, leaking appliances or leaking bathtubs have all been known to cause mold.

Is Removing Mold a DIY Project?

Maybe…maybe not. If it's a small colony and you know what the source of the moisture is you can follow the guidelines published by the EPA and attempt to remove the mold yourself. Follow the precautions listed by the EPA and dispose of the mold responsibly.

On the other hand, if you have a larger problem or can't find the source of water it's time to bring in a professional mold removal company like All Florida. We will inspect the entire home (including the attic for roof leaks) find the source of moisture and then track down the entire colony.

We use best practices to clean or cut out the mold safely. If we have to cut out a section of wall or pull baseboards or even a sink cabinet we have the skilled technicians who can patch or replace the area and restore it to its original condition.

Using professionals gives you the peace of mind that your mold problem is completely gone.

Whatever you decide to do, do it now. Putting off a mold removal problem just makes the situation worse. We operate 24/7 so there is no reason to have to wait for professional attention.

Call us if you have questions.

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