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Pompano Mold Removal and Prevention for Pompano Homeowners

Mold removal in a Pompano home can be done by the homeowner suggests the Florida Department of health. Of course the FDH is referring to small mold colonies typically effecting less than 10 square feet. More than that and you'll need a professional mold removal service like All Florida Restoration.

Typically we get involved in mold removal or prevention as part of our water mitigation service. When we get called to clean up a spill from a burst washer hose or failed water heater we do more than just evacuate the water. We set up a drying system throughout the affected area and remove or repair surfaces that are so water soaked that there is no hope of drying out before mold begins to form.

There are however, many ways for water to puddle unnoticed creating mold colonies that may not be detected by the homeowner until they smell the distinctive "moldy" odor. If the mold has not progressed far, the homeowner can try to clean the surface themselves.

Florida is "mold central" thanks to our climate of hot, wet weather. There are thousands of different molds in the state and it's nearly impossible to filter out spores from entering your house. However, if your house is "dry" the spores will be unable to form mold.

However, if even small spills are allowed to sit for more than 24 hours mold can form. It's not uncommon to find mold around drain pans of air conditioners, in attics from small roof leaks or under sinks where the plumbing leaks just a bit.

Mold Removal by Homeowner

When you spot mold you can attempt to remove it yourself by cleaning the area. Be sure to wear eye protection and disposable latex gloves when you attempt to clean mold. Soapy water, bleach or a commercial mold removal solution may be enough to clean the surface. Be sure to toss the gloves, sponges and rags used to clean the mold into the trash.

If the affected space is greater than 10 square feet give us a call and we will be happy to determine the source of the water, repair it and then clean or remove the surface that is affected.

If you have questions feel free to give us a call.

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