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DIY Mold Removal in Fort Lauderdale

Homeowners in Fort Lauderdale know mold removal is essential to keep their families healthy and to protect their real estate investment. But just how do you go about removing mold from a home?

Florida's climate is ideal for mold and there are thousands of species of the pest throughout the state. Mold spores are most likely entering your house on a daily basis. That sounds horrible but if you keep your home dry the spores cannot form a colony. Mold needs heat, moisture and nutrients. Take away the water and spores can't thrive.

Unfortunately most homes have areas where moisture can gather unseen giving spores an opportunity to spawn mold colonies.

Air conditioning or air handling units with dehumidifiers have drain pans and drain lines. If they get blocked or overwhelm they will create a spill that could go unseen until it's time to change a filter. Small leaks in the roof or eaves can create mold in the attic. Small leaks in bathtubs, toilet tanks or plumbing under cabinets can also create mold.

You are most likely going to discover mold with your nose. If there is a moldy smell it's coming from somewhere. Also if you notice a water stain in a ceiling or wall you have a leak and that leak will eventually create mold.

DIY Mold Removal in Fort Lauderdale

The Florida Department of Health suggests that homeowners and businesses can remove small mold stains themselves if they take precautions. Most small colonies can be removed with soapy water, a commercial solution or bleach for difficult cases. Make certain you wear eye protection and disposable gloves. After cleaning the area throw away the gloves, sponge, brush and any rags used.

For larger areas you need to call a professional service like All Florida Restoration. We can do the cleaning and where necessary, cut out the stain (walls, ceilings, cabinets etc.) and then repair the space.

Mold can be a health hazard for people with asthma and other respiratory issues. Having the mold completely and professionally removed is the surest way to minimize the health hazard.

If you have questions or need assistance feel free to give us a call.

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