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Mold in your Delray Home?  Find it, Remove it, Restore the Space

Is mold removal a problem in your Delray home? If you have discovered mold in your house you do not want to put off getting rid of it. Mold can represent a serious health risk and can cause allergy type symptoms or even respiratory problems. In addition to the obvious health issues, the longer you take to deal with mold the bigger the colony will become.

Mold needs:

  • Warmth. Mold needs an environment of at least 740 and you probably can't remember the last time your home was ever that cool.
  • Nutrients. Mold eats nearly everything including rugs, clothes, shoes, carpet, furniture, wallboard, wood and even soap scum. Your home is a regular mold smorgasbord.
  • Moisture. This is the one element that usually is the culprit responsible for mold colonies forming inside the house.

Without moisture the mold spores in your home cannot form a mold colony. Unfortunately there are literally dozens of ways that moisture can form inside the house without your knowledge. Leaking appliances like a clothes washer, dish washer or ice maker in the fridge can provide the source of water that can encourage mold. Leaking pipes in the walls or under sinks are another common source. You can find and remove mold but if you don't find and fix the source of the water you are inviting the mold to return.

If you attempt to remove mold yourself be sure that you review the guidelines from the EPA and take all the recommended precautions. Be prepared to sacrifice the surface the mold is on as it may be the only way to permanently remove it.

An Alternative to DIY Mold Removal in Delray

Cleaning mold can be tricky. The best way to ensure that all the mold is removed from your home is to call experts in the field like All Florida. Professionals can find the mold you don't see and then safely clean or remove it. If removal is called for (cutting away the affected areas) the professionals have the skill and tools to repair and restore the area.

Another advantage of using an experienced company is they will find the source of the moisture and repair it so you won't have a recurring mold issue.

Mold removal is something you don't want to get wrong. If you have questions please feel free to contact us.

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