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Mold Removal in Your Deerfield Beach Home?

Like most Florida homeowners those who live in in Deerfield Beach are going to have to face the problem of mold removal at some point in time. South Florida is just the perfect climate for mold and given the "extra opportunities" for moisture to find its way into our homes via tropical storms and hurricanes it's almost a foregone conclusion that mold will form sooner or later.

Our storms are bad but they are not the principal source of the water that mold spores need to colonize. The everyday leaks and overflows of plumbing, roofs, appliances, condensation collection trays and leaky bathtubs can all contribute to the formation of mold so it really isn't surprising that a Deerfield Beach household is as susceptible as any home in any community in South Florida.

Mold is usually discovered through its odor. If there is a moldy smell there is most likely mold even if you can't see it. A sure sign of mold is when household members come down with respiratory problems or allergy symptoms.

Aside from the health risks that mold can cause, it can also damage your property and even the house structure (mold eats wood like in the attic on rafters). When you suspect mold you have to deal with it now. Putting it off only makes it worse.

Should You Try Removing Mold Yourself?

The best way to answer that question is to review the EPA guidelines for mold removal. If you feel you can comply with the precautions and rules safely then have at it. Understand that the mold you see may not be all the mold there is. Also understand that you have to find and fix the source of moisture that caused the colony otherwise it will reform in the future.

The other option is to turn the whole task over to professionals like All Florida. Let them inspect your home, find all the mold, locate the source of the moisture and then begin the mold removal and restoration process. Using mold removal experts gives you the peace of mind that comes knowing your family's health is no longer in danger and that the mold will not recur.

If you have questions about mold inspection and removal services, give us a call and we will be happy to help.

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