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Is Mold Playing Hide and Seek In Your Fort Lauderdale Home or Business?

If you had to name a part of the country as the "best place to grow mold" South Florida, including Fort Lauderdale would be at the top of the list. Our hot and humid tropical summers and torrential rains create an environment where literally thousands of mold variants thrive.

Some types of mold are harmless, some types are actually helpful but then there are those mold spores that aggravate allergies and can cause serious health issues like asthma attacks. Mostly you can't see the spores and you probably won't know you have been exposed to mold until your body reacts.

Common sense tells us that our climate provides plenty of moisture, heat and an abundance of "food" for mold and we would expect to encounter it in the great outdoors.
But what about inside your Fort Lauderdale home?

Your Fort Lauderdale Home or Business Doesn't Have to Have Been Flooded to Have Mold

At All Florida Restoration most of our work involves removing water from the interior of a structure and drying out the space. You might think that hurricanes or tropical storms would be the cause of most flooding but they aren't. No, the cause for most homes or businesses being flooded in Fort Lauderdale is the same as it is across the country. Leaky pipes, burst washer hoses, failed water heaters and leaky roofs account for most of our water mitigation and restoration work.

When these systems fail it's obvious; there's water on the floor, stains on the walls or ceilings and soggy carpets or other flooring. The cleanup process is pretty straight forward and because most of these events are dealt with when they happen the formation of mold can be prevented.

However there are other sources of water that don't gush out but still create an environment that may encourage mold. Leaky condensation trays on dehumidifiers and air conditioners, small leaks in a bathtub, and small leaks in a roof can all be the cause of mold growth. Odds are that these types of leaks will go unnoticed and uninspected for a relatively long period of time allowing mold to flourish.
It's a good practice for homeowners and business owners to inspect all of their property for mold on a regular basis. If you find it, repair or replace the source of water and then clean up the mold with hot water and detergent and a wire brush. Porous materials like ceiling tiles will have to be tossed and replaced.

If you find mold on furniture, valuable carpets, collectables or keep-sakes then you will want to call a specialist like All Florida Restoration. The take away here is to not allow mold to flourish. Inspect your property regularly and if you are uncertain about how to safely clean any mold you find give us a call and we will take care of it for you.

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