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Delray Homeowners With Mold – Find it, Remove it, Restore the Space

If you have a moldy smell in a part of your Delray home you most likely have a mold colony lurking somewhere. Don't be shocked. Florida's climate is ideal for mold and the air always has spores wafting along ready to be picked up on clothing, shoes, pets or even drifting through an open door. Spores however, are not mold and won't become mold unless they land in an area that has moisture.

If your Delray home is like most there are plenty of opportunities for moisture to gather unnoticed. Leaks in plumbing, condensation trays that overfill even small leaks in the roof can provide the H2O required for spores to colonize as mold. Once they do whatever surface they are on is in danger of becoming toast. Mold eats most anything including wood, wallboard, leather, fabrics, and even soap scum.

Finding the mold is job one and it isn't easy. Removing the mold is job two. Finding and fixing the source of water is job three and restoring the surface is job four.

Mold -Where to Look - How to Remove - How to Restore

The moldy smell is an indicator but not always a pin pointer unless it is coming from an enclosed space like a closet or under a sink. Mold comes in a variety of colors so what we suggest is you grab a flashlight and head for all the usual suspect spots including:

  • Under clothes washer and dish washer
  • Condensation trays for the air conditioner
  • Dehumidifier tray
  • Under sinks

In addition you'll want to inspect:

  • Walls and ceilings for water stains
  • Baseboards
  • Loose flooring tiles or laminate
  • Damp carpeting
  • If you have access to the attic check it out for small roof leaks

When you find the mold you'll have to make a decision. The EPA has guidelines on how to remove mold but if the project looks beyond what you're willing to do call a professional mold removal service like All Florida. Whatever you do, don't disturb the mold before you are ready to clean it. You'll spread spores and cause new colonies.

If you use an expert mold service they should be able to not only safely remove the mold but locate and fix the leak. In addition they should have the talent to restore the surface to a clean condition.

If you have questions on which way to go give us a call and we will offer our expert opinion.

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