Hidden Mold in Your Home Can Be a Dangerous Health Hazard for Ft. Lauderdale Families According to FEMA    

According to the experts at FEMA if you don't take the proper precautions your family may be at risk of very serious health problems from mold in your Ft Lauderdale area home.


Mildew and molds are fungi that flourish in moist environments. Your family is exposed to numerous types of mold both inside and outside of your home. Your exposure is greatest in moist or wet conditions. This is particularly true when the water is not allowed to dry out. It is molds ability to destroy organic materials that makes it such a problem in your home.

Often we miss the mildew and molds growing on our homes. It can grow on:


Dangerous Types of Mold

Of the thousands types of molds that exist the ones that can cause the most dangerous health for your family are the ones that produce harmful mycotoxins. Toxic black mold may be the most dangerous.  It looks greenish-black and slimy like tar or black paint. The health issues occur when people inhale large quantities of the airborne mold spores. For certain people even a small number of mold spores can cause health problems. The people most vulnerable to mold include:



Common symptoms of health problems caused by mold in the home include:



The experts at FEMA recommend that you check for mold in your home regularly to keep your family safe. If you discover mold in your home you can call the experts at All Florida Restoration for help at 888-976-4251