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Is There Mold in Your Boca Raton Home?

Mold can be found everywhere in Florida including in your Boca Raton home or business. Our hot climate and abundant humidity is a perfect breeding ground for mold outdoors but don't think that just because the inside of your house is nicely air conditioned with relatively dry air that it isn't susceptible to mold.

The problem with mold in a residence is that you rarely know that the mold colony is growing until you can pick up a moldy scent or someone in the household starts getting allergy like symptoms. When this occurs it's a question of locating the mold and finding the source of water that created the environment for mold to thrive in the first place (there's always a source of water involved).

You can try doing this mold inspection yourself or you can call a mold specialist like All Florida Restoration to do it for you. Whatever you decide you definitely want your Boca Raton home or business to be mold free.

Mold Inspections and Mitigation

So where do you start? Your nose can give you a hint. If there is a moldy smell in the air then there is probably mold in the area. Armed with a flashlight shine along baseboards, walls, ceilings and look for water stains or mold colonies. Just because you see mold does not mean you see all of the mold. If for example you find mold on a ceiling tile check above it for more mold.

Mold needs moisture so check areas around water sources like air conditioning drip pans, dehumidifiers, kitchens, bathrooms particularly along the bottom edge of tubs. Dryers that are vented inside will also pump humidity at the vent site. Even steam from cooking can cause mold to form on kitchen walls and ceilings or vent hoods. Speaking of vents, your ventilation system is a favorite spot for mold.

Places that shouldn't have a source of water can also become moldy if there is a leak in the roof or a leak in plumbing behind the walls.

Once you find the mold don't disturb it until you're ready to remove it. Stirring up mold spreads the spores and makes the problem worse. You can get advice on how to contain the mold so you can remove it safely from the EPA website or…give us a call and we will do a professional job of mold mitigation and finding and repairing the source of moisture.

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