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When fire or water damage your home or business, you can take some initial steps to minimize the damage, ensure the safety of your family or employees, and give yourself the best chance for excellent results guaranteed from a professional cleaning and restoration job. All Florida Restoration & Remodeling is available 24 hours at 1-888-976-4251 to help you start the recovery process.

Fire Damage

In the case of a fire, National Fire Safety Council recommends that you don’t go back into your home until the fire marshal has deemed it is safe. If you are working with All Florida Restoration & Remodeling on your emergency restoration, we will help you contact your insurance company and handle your claim while you wait to get back into your home. Once you can return, retrieve and remove any valuable files or other items that have survived the fire, and lock the windows and doors to secure the rest of your property.

National Fire Safety Council also recommends hiring a building or electric inspector to determine whether your electrical system has been damaged. Severe damage might require that electricity and gas are cut off until professional repairs are made. Below are some tips for what to do immediately if your home or business has been damaged by fire and smoke, and you’ll be hiring Superior to manage the bulk of the damage.

  • Line high traffic areas with clean towels or old linens.
  • Apply a light coat of Vaseline or oil to chrome fixtures, trim, and appliances.
  • Limit handling of damaged items. Moving things around can drive soot more deeply into upholstery and carpets.
  • Throw out any canned or packaged goods or drinks that were near fire, heat, or water, as they might have become contaminated.
  • Do not turn on lights or ceiling fans if a ceiling is wet; electrical wiring might be wet or damaged.
  • Leave the washing of walls or other painted services to All Florida Restoration & Remodeling.

Flooding or Water Damage

The first thing you should do when you see water damage is determine where the leak originated so you can stop the problem from getting worse. If you suspect a burst pipe, turn off the water supply, and if you spot a leak in the roof, stop it as best you can. If water is seeping into your basement, move items that can be damaged away from the damp area and try to determine the exact location of the seepage. We suggests that you open windows to let fresh air circulate, get some box fans going, and run a dehumidifier as soon as possible.

Once you have taken these basic steps, call All Florida Restoration & Remodeling at 1-888-976-4251 so we can help you through the rest of the process, and handle the professional aspects of your cleanup.
Some more tips to get major water damage under control:

  • Mop floors and blot surfaces with towels to remove as much water as possible, and, after removing lamps and other items, wipe water off of wood furniture.
  • Remove books, magazines, and all colored items from wet carpets or floors. Throw out any items that are too damaged to use.
  • Remove area rugs, and any colored rugs, from wet wall-to-wall carpeting.
  • Use aluminum foil to separate furniture legs from wet carpeting.
  • Hang and/or dry all wet fabrics and clothes.
  • Do not use your home vacuum cleaner to remove water from damp carpets or floors. Use only a wet/dry vac.
  • Remember, in the event of damage from either fire or water, All Florida Restoration & Remodeling stands ready to help, 24 hours a day. And if you’re a business interested in preparing in advance for any catastrophe, contact us about our Planned Response Program so we can help you develop your disaster recovery plan to ensure a rapid, priority response to your emergency.

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