How to Remove Mold from Your Pompano Beach Bathroom

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In Pompano Beach mold removal is unfortunately a topic that comes up frequently among homeowners and businesses alike. Our South Florida climate with its heat and moisture is perfect for the formation of mold and it's a constant battle to keep its growth in check. Mold spores need heat, moisture and nutrients in order to take hold and flourish. Can you think of a room in your house that is more ideally suited for mold growth than the bathroom?

Is Your Pompano Beach Bathroom a Petri Dish for Mold?

Every day your bathrooms are exposed to steam, heat and soapy water. Combined, these three items create the perfect environment for mold growth. While the title of this article is "How to Remove Mold from Your Pompano Beach Bathroom" let's first talk about how you can prevent it from occurring. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Clean your exhaust fan. If you haven't done this recently the vent is probably clogged with dust cutting down on the fan's ability to evacuate the steam and humidity.
  • Take 30 seconds after each shower and wipe down the tile and tub with a towel. This dries the surface and also picks up soap that could later turn into soap scum, a favorite mold nutrient.
  • If you have a rug in your bathroom, clean it frequently. Rugs naturally soak up dirt and moisture and provide a perfect breeding ground for mold.
  • Leave the exhaust fan on at least 10 minutes after your shower. Also leave the door to the bathroom open after you're done to encourage ventilation.

Now let's talk vinegar. There are a ton of chemical products available for fighting mold but none of them do any better a job than vinegar which is natural, biodegradable and does an excellent job of mold removal and disinfecting. Keep a spray bottle containing a 1:7 ratio of vinegar to water handy in the bathroom. Use it to spray the liner of the shower curtain or inside the shower door, along the baseboards and along the seals under the faucets. Once a week mop the floor with a vinegar mix.

Keeping the bathroom dry and clean is the best way to combat mold. But…if you have a tile that has come loose, or the fitting around the showerhead and faucet isn't tight, you may have a much bigger problem. When water gets behind tiles you almost certainly will have a serious mold problem and one that needs to be addressed by a professional who specializes in mold removal.

So to keep your Pompano Beach bathroom free of mold keep it dry and keep the vinegar handy.

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