You might think that water damage in Ft. Lauderdale would mostly be caused by tropical storms and hurricanes with their high winds and torrential downpours. There's no question that shingles or tiles ripped from roofs or a tree poking through a plate glass window are going to present serious water damage threats but the real risk comes from within the house itself. Nearly 60% of most homes have either an appliance that uses water or have water lines running in the walls. According to the Insurance Information Institute, water damage claims are the second most frequently filed claim for homeowner policies.

Water damage comes in two varieties, the catastrophic like a washer or hot water heater failing, and the sneaky slow leak. Either type can lead to serious water damage and the formation of mold but the slow leak is more difficult to detect and often does extensive damage before you even become aware of it.

So what can you do to prevent water damage in your Ft. Lauderdale home? Here's a short list of ideas:

The best way to prevent extensive water damage to your Ft. Lauderdale home is detecting leaks early and responding to them. Don't take on the job yourself, get the entire family involved. The more eyes involved the drier you'll stay.