Home Remodeling—Keeping Florida Kids Safe

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Most children love to watch big vehicles and “workers working” so you can only imagine what a joy it is for them to see a dump truck pull up in front of our house and unload a full driveway full of gravel.

When in the midst of a remodel no matter if it’s a small bathroom or a large addition. It is important to understand that though the workers clean up reasonably well each evening, it’s the parent’s job to be the safety monitor where the kids are concerned.

It might look enticing, but that mound of torn up lumber has nails sticking out of it and nasty allergens floating around it. So the first rule of the remodel is; Kids can only visit the worksite with their parents or supervised adult. We insist on either holding hands or carrying them so we can see exactly what they see. Any tools are off-limits.

Another great tip is to always let your contractor know the number of children in the house, their ages, and whether any of them are likely to be a bit too curious.

Remodeling and Child Safety | Glazer Construction

Glazer Construction says a little bit of diligence and pre planning while remodeling goes a long way for child safety.

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