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At any given time in my household the dishwasher may be running, while I am running a load of laundry and getting a nice cold drink of water with crushed ice from my fridge. Appliances like our dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines are used day in and day out, often without much thought about maintenance and inspection. This lack of maintenance is a mistake sinceproperty damage caused by water is the third largest cause of homeowner loss. In fact, a recent study by the Insurance institute for Business and Home Safety found that water damage related to home appliances was one of the top 10 reasons given for residential water loss, costing an average of $5300 after the deductible was paid. Don’t let this happen to you if you can prevent it!Here are several major home appliances that are most likely to cause water damage and damage prevention tips.

Washing Machine - Check the hoses twice a year for any cracking or leaking, and consider replacing them every 5 years as part of your regular home maintenance. Make sure that there is at least a 3-inch gap between the back of your washing machine and the wall to avoid kinking the hose. Also check to make sure that the connections are secure and that there is no leaking at the valve connection.

Dishwasher and Under the Sink - Many of the newer dishwashers have built in leak detection. If you aren’t so lucky to have that (like me!), take a moment to visually inspect around the area. Check the flooring under and around the dishwasher to make sure there is no discoloration, warping or mold/mildew. Look under the sink for any leaking or water stains and check the hoses for cracks or loose fittings.

Refrigerator - This can be a bit more difficult since the refrigerator is heavy and difficult to move but should not be ignored. Do a quick visual inspection for any signs of water, water damage or mold and mildew behind and under the fridge. Many problems occur when there is an icemaker and/or water dispenser so be sure to check those valve connections and hoses too.

Even with the best maintenance and prevention steps, malfunctions can cause water damage at any time. Make sure that you are familiar with the shut off valves for your machines and your home’s main valve as well. Have a water damage restoration company’s number on hand just in case of emergency.

It is also important to take into account the age and wear and tear you have put on your appliances. Replacing hoses every five years, doing quick visual inspections around the appliances and knowing where your water shut off valves will help keep your appliances running smoothly and prevent damage. After a relatively quick inspection and some basic maintenance, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have done all you can to minimize risk and value your home.

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