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It seems like just yesterday it was summer in Fort Lauderdale but a look at the calendar tells us it is time to think about the upcoming Holidays and specifically to remind our friends about Chanukah fire safety tips. Unfortunately this very special Jewish holiday is spoiled for some families by house fires and scalding.

Menorahs and latkes are both essential symbols of Chanukah but the flames from menorah candles and the hot oil used in making latkes represent potential hazards that can be exceptionally hazardous. Every year during Chanukah, just like Christmas, there will be fires and injuries in Fort Lauderdale caused by holiday celebrations.

Avoid becoming a statistic this year and keep your family safe by observing these common sense fire safety tips:

Chanukah Fire Safety Tips

  1. One of the most common causes of fires due to menorahs is the practice of placing the menorah beneath a kitchen cabinet. Don't place a menorah anywhere where flammable material is located directly above it. Also make certain that the base that you set the menorah on is one made of fire retardant material.
  2. Never leave a lit menorah or Shabbos or Yahrzeit candles unattended.
  3. Never place a menorah near window curtains, drapes or other flammable material.
  4. Menorahs and candles should never be within the reach of small children or located where a family pet could knock them over (cat in the window).
  5. If using an electric menorah, check the wiring for worn or frayed insulation before turning it on.
  6. When making latkes, turn the skillet so the handle is pointing to the side and not hanging over the edge of the stove. This minimizes the risk of children reaching up and grabbing the handle or accidently bumping into the skillet and knocking it to the floor.
  7. Never leave heated oil unattended.
  8. If an oil fire occurs, turn off the gas or electric immediately and place the skillet's lid on top to starve the fire of oxygen. Never try putting out an oil fire by throwing a wet kitchen towel at it. All you will do is splatter the oil and create a larger hazard.

Fire safety really is all about common sense and we are certain that you already know these tips. We just hope that bringing them up again makes you more aware and helps create a safe and joyous holiday for you and your family.

Happy Chanukah!

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