Five Ways to Prevent Lead Poisoning

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Even in 2013, lead poisoning is still one of the most toxic dangers in our homes. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Lead poisoning can affect nearly every system in the body. Because lead poisoning often occurs with no obvious symptoms, it frequently goes unrecognized.

Did you know that there are simple testing kits you can find at most hardware stores to detect lead in your home? A ten-minute blood test can also determine if your young child has a dangerous amount of lead already in his bloodstream. If your home was built before 1978, these two tests can give you peace of mind or help you take corrective steps.

Executive Medical Director for the California Poison Control System (CPCS) Dr. Richard Geller reports, “Lead poisoning is an important cause of learning disabilities, anemia, as well as growth problems, and children exposed to lead may have attention and aggression problems. Children are most commonly exposed to lead by ingesting paint chips or dirt that is contaminated with lead.”

Dr. Geller offered the following 5 lead poisoning prevention:

  1. Do not let children chew on painted surfaces, such as windowsills.
  2. Cover peeling or chipped paint with duct tape until it can be safely removed.
  3. Ask your doctor to screen your young children for lead even if they seem healthy.
  4. Do not let babies play with or teeth on your keychain since keys frequently have small amounts of lead in them.
  5. Flush the lead out of your pipes by running the faucet for a few minutes before using cold water for cooking, drinking or preparing infant formula.

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