Davie Mold Removal Experts Offer Tips on Preventing Mold at Home

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Davie Mold Removal Experts Offer Tips on Preventing Mold in Your Home

Mold Removal Davie FLThe professionals at All Florida Restoration have been providing mold removal to Davie homeowners and businesses for over two decades. Every structure in Southern Florida is exceptionally susceptible to mold formation thanks to the thousands of mold sore species that float in through windows, hop a ride on our shoes (or paws) or even arrive on the outside of our mail.

Mold that is left unchecked can become not only a health problem but can severely reduce the value of a residence or business. You can't make your house completely mold proof but if you follow a few tips you can make it mold resistant.

7 Tips to Prevent Mold from Forming in Your Davie Home

If your house suffers a major flooding there's no avoiding calling in a professional water and mold removal service like All Florida but we have also tackled mold removal projects that could have been prevented had the homeowner followed a few simple tips.

Mold spores need warmth, nutrients, and moisture to form a mold colony. Our climate provides the warmth, mold eats almost anything so your house provides the nutrients, the key to preventing mold is moisture control. Follow these tips and you can make mold colonies much more difficult to form.

  1. Vent bathrooms and clothes dryer to the outside, not to the attic.
  2. Clean up any spill, no matter how small, immediately.
  3. Be alert to water where water doesn't belong. If the there is a puddle on the floor find out where it came from to ensure you don't have an undetected leak in a line or a faulty washer.
  4. Pay special attention to appliances you don't see every day like air conditioner condensation trays, water heaters and dehumidifiers and the back of refrigerators to ensure there are no leaks or overflows.
  5. If you make repairs or remodel your home use mold resistant materials like wallboard that uses fiberglass rather than paper to hold the gypsum core in place.
  6. Don't allow wet or damp clothes and towels (beach wear) to dry in a laundry basket or sit in the washing machine.
  7. Make the best use of ceiling fans to ensure you have good ventilation throughout the home. Keep doors between rooms open and if you can, leave closets open during the day while the family is at work or school.

There are several other tips that apply to the outside of the home like keeping gutters clear of debris and ensuring your yard has good drainage and is sloped away from the home.

If you have any questions about mold prevention or if you suspect you may have a mold problem call us at All Florida Restoration Pros and we will be happy to assist.

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