Davie Flood & Storm Damage Clean Up & Emergency Water Removal

Fort Lauderdale Flood Damage Clean Up

A flood can cause enormous damage to your home or business. If not handled swiftly and properly by a team of professionals the damage can be irreparable. If you have a flood you need to call the water removal specialists at All Florida Restoration Pros. Our 24/7 experienced team can be at your Davie doorstep within an hour.

Getting the water out is going to be your first priority when you discover a flood in your home or business. Our team uses the latest in pumps and truck-mounted vacuums to quickly remove all detectable water. But extracting the water is only the beginning of the process. The often bigger challenge that takes years of experience to perform efficiently is drying out your space. This is where you will find the All Florida difference. We take a scientific approach based on the space and frequently monitor relative humidity and moisture content during the drying out process.

We inspect flooring, walls, baseboards, carpets and ceilings for damage or mold and then either repair or replace damaged areas. Our clean up service involves sanitizing all restorable items.

Why Choose Us?

  • Licensed by the state of Florida as a general contractor
  • Carry a comprehensive insurance plan including worker's comp
  • In business for over 25 years
  • Insurance restoration specialists with relationships with nearly every insurance claims department in Florida.
  • Can handle every aspect of flood damage from water extraction to remodeling
  • Competitive pricing

If you have a flood or need emergency water removal in Davie or anywhere in Broward County call us at 888-976-4251 today.

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