Boynton Beach Flood & Storm Damage Clean Up & Emergency Water Removal

A failed appliance, burst pipe or leaky boiler can mean extensive water damage for homeowners and a disruption in operations for a business. If you find yourself in this situation you need to call the always, ready water removal professionals at All Florida Restoration Pros. Our 24/7 dispatch can have an experienced team at your Boynton Beach doorstep within an hour.
Extracting the water is the easy part in water removal. Our teams use the latest in pumps and truck mounted vacuums to quickly remove all visible water. The hard part, the part that takes years of experience to do efficiently and effectively is drying out the space and that is where our technicians excel. We take a scientific approach based on the space and frequently monitor relative humidity and moisture content during the drying out process.

Our clean up service involves sanitizing all restorable items. We inspect flooring, walls, baseboards, carpets and ceilings for damage or mold and then either repair or replace damaged areas.

All Florida is the Go-To Water Removal Service in Boynton Beach

We are committed to provide each and every client the highest level of service, while delivering an unsurpassed level of quality workmanship and product for a fair price:

  • We are a professional company licensed by the state of Florida as a general contractor and as such carry a comprehensive insurance plan including worker's compensation.
  • We have been serving the Boynton Beach community and all of Broward County for over 25 years.
  • We are Insurance Restoration Specialists and have good relationships with nearly every insurance claims department in the state of Florida.
  • We are a full service general contractor who can handle every aspect of your flood damage experience from water extraction to remodeling the space should you choose.

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