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Bathroom Renovations Deerfield Beach Florida

When you are looking for a remodeler that does exceptional bathroom renovations in Deerfield Beach you need to call All Florida Restoration Pros, the company with an exceptional reputation for customer service and a no-hassle approach to home and condo remodeling projects.

All Florida is fully licensed as a contractor in the state of Florida, comprehensively insured, is a registered Lowes contractor and has been serving Deerfield Beach and South Florida for over 30 years. We've done hundreds of bathroom remodels from simple vanity and fixture upgrades to full out master bath spas complete with Jacuzzi and steam shower.

Whatever your bathroom renovation need is we can handle it from soup to nuts.

Easy and Affordable Bathroom Remodeling

Upgrading or completely remodeling a bath is a smart move to increase the value of your home. Next to kitchens, home buyers are impressed (favorably or unfavorably) by the bathrooms in the house and a well done remodeling job just may be the deciding factor in a buyer's decision. But more importantly, your remodeled bathroom is going to delight your family, impress visitors and give you a space you always wanted.

For most homeowners the major challenges in getting a remodeling project off the ground are:

  • Deciding just what they want and trying to fit it in their budget
  • Worrying about hiring multiple contractors
  • Concerns about the project being completed on time
  • Surprise charges for "change orders."

At All Florida Restoration we eliminate all those concerns with our no-hassle way of doing business:

  • We have innovative designers who can take your ideas and work them into a plan that makes your dream a reality and does it within your budget.
  • We employ licensed craftsmen from every trade including plumbers, electricians, floor installers, carpenters and painters. We manage the craftsmen; your role is to watch the magic take place.
  • We work as a team and the team works the project until the project is done. We have an excellent reputation for completing on time and on budget.
  • There are no surprises. If you decide on a different material or a different layout, that change will be reduced to writing along with a firm price. We don't like surprises any more than you do.

Interested? Call us today and set up a convenient time for our designer to visit you and discuss your project!

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