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Fort Lauderdale Water Damage Restoration and Mold Removal Specialist

Ft. Lauderdale mold removal and water damage renovations are our specialty at All Florida Restoration Pros. For over thirty years Floridians have relied on us for their emergency building repair and restoration needs. We offer a variety of services from full custom home construction and residential additions to the standard home repairs. All Florida Restoration Pros is locally owned and operated and is a fully licensed and insured Florida General Contractor.

Water Damage, Mold Removal, Fire Remediation, Chinese Drywall & More

We are renowned for our high standards of professionalism, reliability, attention to detail, customer service and quality workmanship. We hire only the most well-established and experienced local sub-contractors.

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Weston Mold Removal Experts Offer 5 Tips on Preventing Mold
Weston Mold Removal Experts Offer 5 Tips on Preventing Mold Every building in South Florida is vulnerable to mold thanks to the thousands of mold spore species that float in through windows or enter into your home on shoes or on pets. Mold left unattended can create health issues for you and your family. It can also devalue your home. No space can be made completely mold proof but you can take some simple steps to help make it more mold resistant. 5 Tips to Prevent Mold from Forming in Your We...
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